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ICPDAS-EUROPE - Your partner for industrial automation

I/O Modules from ICPDAS-EUROPE

I/O Modules

Fieldbus, Ethernet, …

  • ModbusRTU
  • CANopen
  • ModbusTCP
  • EtherCAT
  • EtherNET/IP
  • DeviceNET
  • BACnet
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Industrial Communication Products from ICPDAS-EUROPE

Industrial Communication

Switches, Converters, Gateways & Boards

  • Device Server
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Converter
  • Gateway
  • Repeater
  • Hub
  • Master Board
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Programmable Automation Controller from ICPDAS-EUROPE

Automation Controller

Windows Embedded Standard, Windows CE, Linux

  • Windows Embedded Standard
  • Windows CE
  • Linux
  • MiniOS7
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Industrial Computer

Panels, Displays & PCs

  • Embedded PC
  • Display
  • Panel PC
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New Products - DAQ, PAC, COM, I/O, IPC


The company buildung ICPDAS-EUROPE
Employees of ICPDAS-EUROPE

Innovative products and intelligent solutions

With the focus on industrial automation we provide components for professional use in different sectors. Innovative and intelligent product solutions are helping to work in a more efficient way and minimize your costs.