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Water Management

Energiemanagement mit ICPDAS-EUROPE

Smart control and communication solutions for clean water

In its last innovation survey at the beginning of 2020, the ZEW (Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research) draws a rather conservative picture with regard to innovations in water supply and wastewater disposal. This has various reasons. First and foremost the lifetime. Systems for water supply and wastewater disposal have long service lives, depending on the system. However, innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter in the field of telecontrol and automation. The reasons for this are, on the one hand, the merging of IT and automation technologies. And, on the other hand, increased requirements to ensure energy efficient operation and increase availability. The basic prerequisite is increased connectivity of systems.

ICPDAS-EUROPE focuses on innovative technologies at an early stage, but does not lose focus on the user. Easy to use systems are the basis for the success of our solutions. 

Open standards: no proprietary techniques

Browser-based configuration: no complicated software packages to learn

Fair cost-effectiveness: no royalties

Many templates: fast to the target

Internet of Things: latest interfaces and protocols for IIoT



Environment Monitoring Sensors

  • temperature
  • soil
  • water level
  • distance level
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PM-3133i-100P CR

PM-3133i-100P CR

Energy Management

  • monitor energy consumption
  • identify main consumer
  • data analysis & reports
  • reduce peak loads
  • optimize downtime and maintenance
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NS-205A CR

NS-205A CR

Industrial networking

  • Converter
  • Ethernet Switch
  • M2M, Router & Gateways
  • Repeater & Hub
  • Serial Device Server
  • Wireless Solution
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M2M application

  • LoRaWAN Sensors
  • Cellular Remote IO
  • LoRaWAN Gateway
  • LTE Router
  • LoRaWAN Datalogger
  • LoRaWAN IO Controller
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Water managment with ICPDAS-EUROPE

Application storys for water management

With solutions for water supply and wastewater disposal from ICPDAS-EUROPE you can rely on reliable industrial technology.
  •   Retrofit of rake systems
  •   Digitalization of broaching equipment
  •   Communication solutions for moving plant components
  •   Protocol converter functions
  •   Solutions for data acquisition and analysis
  •   Radio systems for monitoring wells
  •   Control decentralized producers, consumers and storages
  •   Communicative upgrade of scraper bridges
  •   Adaptation of heat point controllers to the control system
  •   Energy monitoring for aeration tanks

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