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Smart Agriculture

Energiemanagement mit ICPDAS-EUROPE

Smart Agriculture Solutions

The demand from end consumers for more transparency in the supply chain is becoming louder. More efficient use of limited resources and land, more reproducible results and much more are currently engaging the agricultural industry under the umbrella term Agriculture 4.0. The basis is the collection of data. With its innovative products and technologies, ICPDAS-EUROPE offers a wide range of possibilities for centralized / decentralized data collection, storage and control. The customer himself decides whether his data is stored and processed on site or externally. 

Greenhouse Automation

Maintaining a controlled temperature inside a greenhouse is of vital importance. Temperature fluctuations can damage your plants in just a few hours. To maintain plant health, an optimal growth environment is required. However, it is a challenge to keep track of all environmental changes, equipment condition or failures. ICPDAS-EUROPE products and solutions help you to monitor conditions such as humidity variations, security breaches, heaters, fans and power failures. Remote monitoring systems provide real-time updates so you can act quickly.

Smart Farming

Smart Farming (also known as Agriculture 4.0, Farming 4.0 or Digital Farming) describes the application of information and data technologies to optimise systems and processes in agriculture. Networking enables plant cultivation adapted to the location as well as an efficient production process and supports the farmer in his decisions. From smart data acquisition and monitoring devices to long-range radio technologies and sensors that can be used even under difficult outdoor conditions. ICPDAS-EUROPE has the right solution for you.

Open standards: no proprietary techniques

Easy to learn: Browser-based configuration, no external software required

Fair price-performance ratio: No license fees

Easy to expand: Quickly reach your goal thanks to numerous templates

Industrial use: Suitable for harsh environmental conditions



Environment Monitoring Sensors

  • temperature
  • soil
  • water level
  • distance level
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M2M Application

  • LoRaWAN Sensors
  • Cellular Remote IO
  • LoRaWAN Gateway
  • LTE Router
  • LoRaWAN Datalogger
  • LoRaWAN IO Controller
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IoT Controller

  • webbased configuration
  • If-Then-Else rule engine
  • timer & schedule function
  • dataloggin
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MQ-7244M CR

MQ-7244M CR

MQTT I/O Modules

  • built-in web server
  • MQTT protocol
  • 2 LAN ports
  • digital I/Os
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Water managment with ICPDAS-EUROPE

Application storys for smart farming

Industrial communication and monitoring solutions from ICPDAS-EUROPE enable fast integration through simple application and thus make a decisive contribution to efficient plant operation.
  •   Monitoring of humidity and temperatures over long distances

  •   Filling level monitoring

  •   Solutions for data acquisition and analysis in greenhouses

  •   Control decentralized producers, consumers and storages

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