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  • PROFI-5024 CR
  • PROFI-5024 CR
  • PROFI-5024 CR
  • PROFI-5024 CR
  • PROFI-5024 CR


PROFIBUS I/O Module/DP-V0/Slave/4AO/isol.

  • Support for PROFIBUS DP-V0 protocol
  • Detect transmission rate automatically(Max. 12Mbps)
  • Support device-related & channel-related diagnosis
  • Address 0~126 set by rotary switches or SSA telegram
  • 14-bits resolution DAC
  • Network isolation protection
  • 3000VDC isolation protection on PROFIBUS
  • 4kV ESD protection (contact for any terminal)
  • Wide range of power input (DC 10~40VDC) and operating temperature (-25°C~+75°C)
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Delivery time:
2-3 weeks

The PROFI-5024 is one of the PROFIBUS DP series products produced by ICP DAS. It provides the PROFIBUS DP communication protocol with any DP-Masters. The PROFI-5024 provides ±4kV ESD
protection contacting for all terminals (include I/O Terminals and PROFIBUS connector). By applying the PROFI-5024, users can easily establish a PROFIBUS DP network with other DP-Masters. In advance, it can be used in the application of building automation, remote data acquisition, environment control and monitoring, laboratory equipment & research, factory automation, etc..