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  • PIR-230-E CR
  • PIR-230-E CR
  • PIR-230-E CR
  • PIR-230-E CR
  • PIR-230-E CR

PIR-230-E CR

PIR Motion Sensor/Temperature/Humidity/Ethernet/4m

  • Adjustable Time-Delay / Lux / Sensitivity
  • Internal Photosensor for Smart Switch Control
  • LED Indicator for PIR/Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor for Measuring Room Temperature
  • Suitable as either Temperature or Fire Alarm
  • Relay Output Can be Used to Control Light Via the PIR/Temperature Sensor
  • Suitable for loads up to 1500 W (Incandescent) and 300 W (Fluorescent)
  • Fluorescent (T8) Loading Capability
  • Wide range of Communication Interfaces and Protocols
  • Ceiling or Surface-Mount Design
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Delivery time:
2-3 weeks

PIR series modules have the ability to detect infrared waves generated by the human body within a diameter of approximately 8 meters, with a coverage area of 360° for indoor motion detection. The modules can be configured to automatically switch on a light if motion is detected. The modules also contain a temperature and humidity sensor for measuring indoor temperature and humidity, or it can be configured to activate a fire alarm. The RPIR versions include added microwave detection technology that is especially suitable for BA applications. A wide range of interface connections can be selected to suit individual needs, including RS-485/ZigBee/Ethernet/Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi models, and the various models provide support for the DCON and Modbus RTU/TCP protocols, and can be easily integrated into existing HMI/SCADA/central control systems.

The PIR series provides motion detection and temperature measurement capabilities, while the RPIR series provides motion and presence detection capabilities, as well as temperature and humidity and other environmental measurements. The energy-efficiency enhancements provided in the PIR series are very helpful for indoor motion sensing, anti-theft security, quality of life, green energy, and environmental protection. A free Utility is also included that allows configuration information and data to be displayed in a powerful chart format that can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

The screw-free quick-connect connector and the DIP and rotary switches make the modules easy to install, repair, and maintain. The casing of each module is made from UL94-V2 rated fireproof material, and the white minimalist exterior design ensures that it easy to match with interior decoration.