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  • I-8077 CR
  • I-8077 CR
  • I-8077 CR
  • I-8077 CR

I-8077 CR

I/O Module/16DIO/Simulator

  • Parallel I/O Module
  • Digital Input Channels:8
  • Input type : Toggle switch
  • Digital Output Channels:8
  • Output type : Programmable
  • LED indicator for each channel of D/I or D/O
  • Power Consumption: 0. 3 W
Customs number:
Delivery time:
2-3 weeks

The I-8077 Digital Input/Output Simulator Module are designed to be an aid to program development. Use the I-8077 to simulator real world inputs/outputs during your design and debug process. The I-8077 enables the program development to cause a change in input/output status at will to simulate a system active. And you can monitor status of Digital input/output on the Led. When it becomes time to move to real hardware or control program, replace the I-8077 with the appropriate digital input/output module. The logic of your program will remain the same.