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  • AR-200 CR
  • AR-200 CR
  • AR-200 CR

AR-200 CR

Accelerometer Data Logger/2AI/2DI/1Relay/LAN

  • 2 simultaneous, 16-bit resolution ADC
  • Support 2 IEPE input and built-in 3 mA excitation current
  • AR-200 support sample rate: 200kHz, 100kHz, 50kHz
  • Max. Recording time:120 seconds
  • Dynamic range:+/- 10V
  • Flexible trigger modes: Push button trigger, Schedule trigger, analog threshold trigger, digital input trigger and utility remote trigger
  • Supports 4 to 32 GB micro SDHC type flash
  • Provide LED indicators
  • 4 kV Contact ESD protection for any terminal
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Delivery time:
2-3 weeks

In the production environment, vibrations occur during working and manufacturing processes as well as during transport. This can have a lasting effect on process and product quality.
With reliable monitoring, notable vibrations can be easily recorded and possible wear and fatigue fractures can be detected earlier.

The new AR-200 accelerometer data logger from ICPDAS reliably records vibration patterns and peak values.

The user has two analog inputs for the connection of IEPE sensors (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric) for x and y-axis detection. For additional measuring directions there is a data logger with four analog inputs.

Fast vibrations are recorded with the 16 bit resolution and the simultaneous sampling rate of max. 200 kHz per channel. The measurement interval is up to 120 seconds and is started by a wide range of trigger modes: Push Button Trigger, Schedule Trigger, Analog Threshold Trigger, Digital Input Trigger and Utility Remote Trigger.

The data stored on the 4 to 32 GB Micro SD card and can be read out comfortably via Ethernet. All logged data are provided as xls, csv or txt file.

The powerful AR-200 accelerometer data logger with metal housing is ideally suited for use in industrial environments, thanks to the +10 to +30 VDC input voltage range and the operating temperature range from -25 to +70°C.