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  • M-7055UD-G CR
  • M-7055UD-G CR

M-7055UD-G CR

I/O Module/Modbus RTU/8DI/8DO/ISO/LED

  • Source-type Digital Output Channels with Overload Protection
  • All Digital Input Channels can be used as 16-bit Counters
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • 4 kV ESD Protection
  • 3750 VDC Intra-module Isolation
  • Configurable Power-on Value Settings and Safe Value Settings
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2-3 weeks

The I-7055 offers 8 isolated channels for digital input and 8 isolated channels for digital output. Either sink-type or source-type digital input can be selected via wire connections. All digital input channels are also able to be used as 16-bit counters. The I-7055 supports source-type output with short circuit protection. There are options to enable both power-on and safe values.

The I-7055D has 16 LED indicators that can be used to monitor the status of the digital input and digital output channels. 4 kV ESD protection and 3750 VDC intra-module isolation are standard. The M-7055 has the same hardware specifications as the I-7055, but provides additional support for the Modbus RTU protocol as well as the DCON protocol.