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  • CAN-2024D CR
  • CAN-2024D CR
  • CAN-2024D CR
  • CAN-2024D CR

CAN-2024D CR

CAN Module/DeviceNet/4AO/Slave/LED

  • DeviceNet general I/O slave devices
  • Comply with DeviceNet specification Volume I, Release 2.0 & Volume II, Release 2.0, Errata 5
  • Group 2 Only Server (non UCMM-capable)
  • Support Predefined Master/Slave Connection Set
  • Connection supported: 1 connection for Explicit Messaging,1 connection for Polled I/O, 1 connection for Bit-Strobe I/O connection
  • Support DeviceNet heartbeat and shutdown messages
  • Provide EDS file for DeviceNet master interface
Customs number:
Delivery time:
2-3 weeks