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  • CAN-2084C CR
  • CAN-2084C CR
  • CAN-2084C CR
  • CAN-2084C CR
  • CAN-2084C CR

CAN-2084C CR

I/O Module/CANopen/Slave/4/8DI/LED

  • NMT Slave
  • 8-channel isolated/non-isolated input
  • Provide 5 Counter modes
  • Provide default EDS file
  • ESD Protection 4KV contact for each channel
  • Support power supply 10 ~30 VDC
  • Support CiA-301 v4.02, CiA-401 v2.1
  • Support PDP Mapping
Customs number:
Delivery time:
2-3 weeks

CANopen is one kind of the network protocols based on the CAN bus and mainly used for embedded network of machine control, such as industrial machine control , aircraft engines monitoring, factory automation, medical equipments control, remote data acquisition, environmental monitoring, and packaging machines control, etc.

CAN-2084C module follows the CiA-301 version 4.02. CAN-2084C has passed the validation of the CiA CANopen conformance test tool. Therefore, you can use it with standard CANopen master easily by applying the EDS file. The CAN-2084C is a 4/8-channel Counter/Frequency module that provides “Up Counter”, "Frequency”, “Up/Down Counter”, “Dir/Pulse Counter” and “A/B Phase Counter” modes. It provides a variety of measurement applications, such as measuring a number of time-related quantities, counting events or totalizing and monitoring position with quadrature encoders. In addition, a digital filter is used to eliminate the effects of noise. By owing to the CANopen masters of ICP DAS, you can quickly build a CANopen network to approach your requirements. For more information about the CANopen master interfaces and other CANopen products, please refer to the following web site.