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  • SG-3383 CR
  • SG-3383 CR
  • SG-3383 CR
  • SG-3383 CR

SG-3383 CR

Input/Output Module/1 AI to 3AO

  • 1-channel Current Input to 3-channel Current Output
  • 8 kV ESD Protection
  • 3-way Isolation: 3000 VDC
  • Flexible DIN-Rail Mounting
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +75°C
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Delivery time:
2-3 weeks

The SG-3383 is a 1-channel current input to 3-channel current output signal conditioning module, and provides 3000 VDC three-way isolation for input, output and power, together with 8 kV ESD Protection as well as 3000 VDC intra-module isolation.

The SG-3383 has an LED display that is used to indicate whether the module is functioning correctly, and includes VRs (Zero, Span) that can be used to calibrate the output range accuracy. The input bandwidth of the SG-3383 is typically 2.5 kHz.

The SG-3383 can be easily mounted on a standard DIN Rail and can operate in environments where there is a wide temperature range.