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  • SG-3071-G CR

SG-3071-G CR

Input/Output Module/DC Voltage/1AI/1AO/isol.

  • 3-way (power/input/output) isolation (1000 VDC)
  • Wide operating temperature (-25 ~ +75°C)
  • DIN-Rail mounting
  • Input and output connectors on the opposite side
  • Signal range configureable by switch
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Delivery time:
2-3 weeks

The SG-3071 is a voltage input to voltage or current output signal conditioning module. It has 1000Vdc three-way isolation for input, output and power. And can change the input/output range via internal configuration switches.

The SG-3071 has an LED display to show whether the SG-3071 is functioning correctly and has two VRs (Zero, Span) to calibrate the input/output range accuracy.

The bandwidth of the SG-3071 is typically 3KHz. It’s easy to mount the SG-3071 on a standard DIN rail and can operate in environments with wide temperature range.