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  • PCIe-S118/D2 CR
  • PCIe-S118/D2 CR
  • PCIe-S118/D2 CR
  • PCIe-S118/D2 CR

PCIe-S118/D2 CR

PCI Board/Express/Serial/8 RS-232/CA-9-6210

  • Supports PCI Express for PCIe-S118
  • Supports 3.3 V/5 V PCI Bus for VXC-118U
  • Provides 8 RS-232 ports
  • Automatically select an available COM port number
  • Supports COM port number selection under software control
  • 256-byte Hardware FIFO for Each Port
  • Short Card Design
  • RoHs compliant & no Halogen
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The PCIe-S118/VXC-118U card is the new generation product that ICP DAS provides to meet RoHS compliance requirement. The VXC-118U supports 3.3 V/5 V PCI bus, while the PCIe-S118 supports PCI Express bus.

The PCIe-S118/VXC-118U card provides 8 RS-232 serial ports. It is equipped with a 256-byte hardware FIFO for each port, supports for speed up to 115200 bps (VXC-118U) or 921600 bps (PCIe-S118) and supports full-duplex communication. The PCIe-S118/VXC-118U card support drivers choose an available COM port number automatically.

The serial communication card are designed for use with intelligent devices like bar code reader, serial printers, intelligent sensors, instrumentation equipment, computers and almost any device with an RS-232 port.