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  • DB-24RD/12V CR
  • DB-24RD/12V CR

DB-24RD/12V CR

Daughter Board/Relay/24RO/12V/CA-3710

  • 24 Form C Relays (SPDT)
  • SPST: Single Pole Double Throe
  • OPTO-22 Compatible Connector
  • Connects directly to DIO-24,DIO-48,DIO-144 OPTO-22 compatible board or any 722,724 series board
  • Switch up to 0.5A at 120 VAC
  • Switch up to 1A at 24VDC
  • On board relay driver circuits
  • LED’s indicated relay status
  • Screw terminals for easy field wiring
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Delivery time:
2-3 weeks

The DB-24R consists of 24 form C, electromechanical relays for efficient switching of load by programmed control . The contact of each relay can control a 0.5 A /110 V load or 1A / 24VDC . The relay is energized by applying a 5 voltage signal to the appropriate relay channel on the 50-pin Opto-22 compatible connector or D-Sub 37 connector . Twenty-four enunciator LEDs, one for each relay, light when their associated relay is activated . To avoid overloading your PC’s power supply, this board needs a +12VDC or +24VDC external power supply.