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  • TMC-10 CR


ISA Board/Digital/8DI/8DO/10 Timer/Counter

  • On board four 8254 timer/counter chips
  • Eight independent 16-bit timer / counter and two cascaded 32-bit Timer/Counter
  • 11 interrupt levels ,jumper selectable
  • Two internal clock source
  • Eight channel external clock source.
  • 8-bit digital output
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2-3 weeks

The TMC-10 is a general purpose timer/ counter and digital I/O Board for PC. It provides eight 16-bit Timer/Counter channel, two cascaded 32-bit Timer/Counter channels , 8-bit digital output and two internal clock source (8 M/1.6 M;0.8 M/80 k) by jumper selectable. Four 8254 chips provides a variety of powerful timer/counter function modes to match your industrial and laboratory applications