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Manufacturing Industry

Energiemanagement mit ICPDAS-EUROPE

Systems and solutions for the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry in Europe is facing new challenges: Market uncertainties, increasing global competitive pressure or automation of production processes. That offers new opportunities, but also risks. This situation challenges production companies to continuously optimize their throughput times and minimize overcapacities. In addition, regulatory requirements and regulations are becoming increasingly complex.

Systems and solutions from ICPDAS-EUROPE help you to make production fit for current and future requirements. We accompany you step by step during the introduction and keep an eye on all hurdles. Our systems and solutions focus on simple handling and fast integration into your process landscape. A simple browser is usually sufficient for operation and specialist personnel can be saved.

State-of-the-art technologies in combination with hardware according to industrial standards guarantee a long availability of your investment. Through the use of open source tools with standard tools such as MS-Office, we implement industry 4.0 solutions at manageable costs.

Regulatory requirements: Proof through data and key figures

Easy integration: Customised solutions for electricians

Optimization: Better decisions through well-founded data

PMC-5231 CR

PMC-5231 CR

Energy Management

  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Identify main consumer
  • Data analysis & reports
  • Reduce peak loads
  • Optimize downtime and maintenance
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M2M application

  • LoRaWAN Sensors
  • Cellular Remote IO
  • LoRaWAN Gateway
  • LTE Router
  • LoRaWAN Datalogger
  • LoRaWAN IO Controller
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NS-205A CR

NS-205A CR

Industrial networking

  • Converter
  • Ethernet Switch
  • M2M, Router & Gateways
  • Repeater & Hub
  • Serial Device Server
  • Wireless Solution
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VPD-132-H CR

VPD-132-H CR

Plant Monitoring

  • Error Message
  • Speed & Wear
  • Operating Faults
  • Status
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Energie├╝berwachung mit ICPDAS-EUROPE

Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry

By networking production data, information is available in real time. This simplifies the prioritization of strategic decisions and the coordination of operational business areas.
  •   Smart Factory

  •   Mechanical & Plant Engineering

  •   Data Acquisition

  •   Automated manufacturing technology

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