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Energy-efficient CO2 monitoring

Energiemanagement mit ICPDAS-EUROPE

Minimising infections through healthy ventilation

Experts are currently warning of the danger of infection in closed rooms. The risk of transmission of influenza and corona viruses through aerosols is classified as high by studies. Inhalation of microscopic droplets contaminated with the virus leads to infection.

Prevent, but how?

One simple way is to get plenty of fresh air by frequent ventilation.


The right balance is important - too little ventilation increases the risk of disease, too much ventilation is harmful to the environment and your wallet.


CO2 measurements in combination with a simple alarm via email or visual display. You will know the right time to ventilate without wasting energy.

The enerHealth FLEX System - Download product brochure


Efficient monitoring of environmental data

The enerHealth FLEX system from ICPDAS-EUROPE combines the monitoring of sensible environmental parameters (e.g. CO2) with a careful use of resources. 

The collected data helps to make decisions based on facts, whether automated or manual. Nevertheless, the system remains flexible and easy to use.

1. enerHealth FLEX Basic

The basic system consists of a freely definable number of enerHealth sensors (max. 60). The sensors measure e.g. CO2, temperature, etc. on site and transmit the data wirelessly (LoRa technology) to the central enerHealth Controller.There the values are monitored and, in case of an overshoot of the limit values an email is sent.

2. enerHealth Signal

The enerHealth Signal System is an additional option for the basic system. In addition to the notification via email, three-coloured signal lamps can be selected. The exceeding of the limit values is then indicated in colour. The luminaires are automated and wirelessly controlled by the enerHealth Controller.

3. enerHealth Storage

This extension for the basic system offers long-term archiving of the measurement data and a graphical representation of the data (Dash Board). Customisation is possible.

enerHealth Sensor 102

enerHealth Sensor 102

measures CO2 values in the room, data transmission via wireless technology

  • for CO2, temperature, humidity, light intensity and movement
  • powered by battery
  • with INK display
  • wireless transmission (LoRA)
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enerHealth Controller

enerHealth Controller

monitors CO2 values and alerts via email or signal light

  • Wireless controller
  • Alerting by email
  • Alerting groups
  • Transfer of the data to BMS (MQTT)
  • Control of the signal lights (optional)
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enerHealth Signal

enerHealth Signal

colour signal indicates when ventilation is required

  • Traffic light or three-colour LED signal light
  • Wireless control (LoRa)
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Energie├╝berwachung mit ICPDAS-EUROPE

Your advantages

Simply order and off you go.
  •   Your package is delivered ready to go

  •   Very easy to use

  •   Wireless and long range thanks to LoRa technology

  •   Battery-powered sensor technology - no cables necessary

  •   Easy to expand at any time

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