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In our download center you can quickly and easily find all important information about our products. 

Here you can download our current catalogs as PDF file or we send you a printed version by mail. Please send us a short email, we'll send you all catalogs as soon as possible.

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Latest Catalogs

Cover of the product catalog 2015

Product Catalog

1. PAC products and BoxPC
2. Panel products
3. Remote I/O
4. IIoT
5. Industrial Communication
6. Wireless Solutions
7. Machine Automation
8. Energy Management
9. DAQ Card

(approx. 45 MB)

Cover of IIoT Catalog


1. IIoTstar
2. UA-5200 Series
3. WISE Series
4. iCAM Series
5. MQ-7200M Series
6. Sensors

(approx. 6 MB)

Cover of the product catalog - Industrial Communication

Industrial Communication

1. Multi-port Serial Cards
2. Serial Device Server
3. Converter, Repeater, Hubs and Splitter
4. Ethernet Switches
5. Wireless Networking
6. Accessories

(approx. 30 MB)

Cover of Industrial Fieldbus Product Catalog

Industrial Fieldbus

1. Introduction
2. RS-485 Products
3. Industrial Ethernet Products
4. CAN Bud Products
5. PROFIBUS Products
6. HART Products
7. M-Bus Products

(approx. 19 MB)

Cover of the product catalog - Machine Automation

Machine Automation

1. Remote Motion Solutions
2. PC-based Solutions
3. PAC Solutions

(approx. 5 MB)

Cover of the PC-based I/O Boards Catalog

PC-based I/O Boards

1. Introduction
2. PCI Express
3. PCI Bus
4. ISA Bus
5. Special Boards
6. Daughter Boards

(approx. 20 MB)

Cover of Energy Management Catalog

Energy Management

1. System Management Software
2. Power Meter Concentrator
3. Smart Power Meter

(approx. 4 MB)

Building Automation Catalog from ICPDAS-EUROPE

Smart Building Automation

1. Application Field
2. System Solutions
3. Product Series
4. Case Study & Application Stories

(approx. 11 MB)


Application Stories by ICPDAS

cover of PACTECH EC01 catalog


  • Taipei 101 Building - Management System
  • Lighting & Air Conditioning
  • Hydraulic Control
  • Fire Alarm System 
  • ...

(approx. 8 MB)

Cover of PACTECH E10 catalog


  • Wireless Monitoring in a factory
  • tSH-700 Application
  • PROFIBUS Gateway
  • Groundwater Pumping Systems

(approx. 3 MB)

Cover of the PACTECH 2017 catalog


  • Power Management
  • Intelligent multifunction IoT I/O Concentrator
  • Building Leakage Monitoring
  • PAC in Railway Signaling
  • ...

(approx. 5 MB)