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  • IOTSTAR-UA10C20-50
  • IOTSTAR-UA10C20-50
  • IOTSTAR-UA10C20-50


IoT-Software/Upgrade/20to50controllers per account

  • IoTstar Upgrade Package (Upgrade 20 controllers to 50 controllers for each account)
  • can be installed on public cloud platform or Windows system
  • remote management and firmware update on the controllers via web page interface
2-3 Wochen

IoTstar is software developed by ICP DAS for use in remote monitoring and management of the PMC/WISE controllers in a variety of industrial applications. IoTstar offers a user-friendly and intuitive Web interface that allows users to implement system settings and monitoring on the remote controllers by a few clicks; no programming is required.

After the Network connection is built between the remote PMC/WISE controllers and the IoTstar via the Ethernet/3G Network, the IoTstar can then communicate with the remote controllers to implement the System Setting, Status Monitoring and Firmware Update (it works even the controller is in a Private IP Domain configuration environment, for example: Locate behind the Firewall or use a Dynamic Virtual IP).

With the microSD card, the controller can provide the Data Logger function to real-time record data of the Sensors and I/O modules and send the data log files back to the IoTstar via FTP protocol. When the IoTstar receives the data log files from the remote PMC/WISE controllers, it will import the content of these files into the Database. And then these recorded data can be directly retrieved from the Database for future information analysis by the SCADA software, Data analysis tool (for example: Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio) or Cloud Service.

IoTstar can be installed on a general PC platform and works as a Private Cloud system. It can also be installed on the Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix or Amazon AWS, etc. and works as a Public Cloud system. By using IoTstar, it is easy to build a Remote Monitoring and Management IoT Cloud system, and during the whole process of system development; no programming is required; just makes a few settings on the PMC/WISE controller and IoTstar; then the users could quickly integrate the sensor and I/O module data with the IoT Cloud system. It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-build IoT Cloud solution for the IoT and Big Data applications.