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  • I-8091W CR
  • I-8091W CR

I-8091W CR

Stepper/Servo Module/2 axis/I-8000

  • 2-axis Independent, Simultaneous Stepping Motor Control/Servo Motor Control (Pulse Input Type)
  • Maximum Pulse Rate: 1 M pps
  • Maximum Step Counts: 232 - 1 Steps
  • Embedded CPU
  • Command Type Interface
  • 2-axis Linear, 2-axis Circular Interpolation
  • Automatic Trapezoidal Acceleration/Deceleratio.
  • Output Pulse modes : CW/CCW or Pulse/Direction
  • Output Polarity can be Programmable
  • 3 Optical Isolated Dgital Inputs per Axis for Limit Switches
  • Programmable Limit Switch Initial Condition as Normal Open (N.O.) or 
  • Normal Close (N.C.)
2-3 Wochen

I-8091W stepping motor control card is a micro-computer controlled, 2-axis pulse generation card. It includes a 2K bytes FIFO to receive motion command from host. A micro-computer for profile generation and protection, 2-axis DDA chip to execute DDA function when interpolation command is used, 2500Vrms optical isolation inserted for industrial application.