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  • UC3314
  • UC3314


Cellular Remote I/O/3G/2DI/2 Relay

  • 2x digital Inputs, 2x Relais
  • Quick configuration by USB and Ursalink Cloud
  • Reporting updated status to Cloud if any inputs are detected
  • Hundred of combinations of trigger conditions and actions
  • Built-in with opto isolated digital inputs and relay outputs
  • Abundant data transmission interfaces, support AI and serial ports
  • Global GSM/WCDMA/4G LTE network
  • Embed timer and hardware watchdog
  • Rugged metal enclosure, optimized for shelf mounting
2-3 Wochen

The Ursalink UR3x14 is designed as a cost-effective industrial machine monitoring device that monitors and controls up to 2 DC signals and 2 drivables. With the aid of Ursalink UC3x14, the alarm condition brings attention to engineering personnel immediately. Also, with Ursalink Cloud, the engineering personnel can trigger any relay outputs from anywhere at any time. The device can give immediate response to the status of both input and output conditions. A cellular modem is embedded in the Ursalink UC3x14.