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  • UC11-N1
  • UC11-N1
  • UC11-N1
  • UC11-N1
  • UC11-N1
  • UC11-N1


LoRaWAN Sensor Node

  • IP67 waterproof for harsh environments
  • Multiple interfaces including serial and I/O
  • Up to 11km communicate range
  • Standard LoRaWAN v1.0/v1.0.2 protocol support
  • Ursalink Cloud compliant
  • Multiple power supply option: battery, DC or solar
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UC11-N1 is a smart wireless module featuring LoRaWAN protocol. Supporting the most widely used industrial communication network protocols. UC11-N1 covers industries like industrial automation, building automation and smart agricultural applications, to provide network capability in remote or factory floor environments. It can also connect 4-20mA analog devices, the most commonly deployed devices in industrial environments.