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  • LC-103 CR
  • LC-103 CR
  • LC-103 CR
  • LC-103 CR
  • LC-103 CR
  • LC-103 CR
  • LC-103 CR

LC-103 CR

I/O Module/Modbus RTU/1DI AC/3 Relay output

  • RS-485 Schnittstelle
  • Modbus RTU / DCON Protokoll
  • 3-Kanal Relais
  • 5000 V Isolation
  • Dual-Watchdog
  • Montierbar auf DIN Schiene
2-3 Wochen

The LC-103 is an easy-to-use lighting control module that requires no specialist skills to install and operate, and no software is needed in order to control the DO channels.

The LC-103 provides 1 channel for digital input (photo couple isolation) and 3 channels for relay output. All output channels are form A type relays, while the input channel is based on a sink-type using a wire connection. The input channel can directly control a 3-channel relay ON and OFF sequence without requiring a remote host controller. 4 kV ESD protection and 5000 Vrms intra-module isolation are also provided.

When required, communication with the LC-103 is programmable based on the Modbus RTU protocol, and an added benefit is that different addresses can be set for Modbus RTU communication via hardware configuration.

Do not use the LC-103 to connect to any device where the loading is greater than 80 W per channel, as this may cause the module to malfunction.

ICP DAS cannot be held responsible for any damage or injuries that may result from inappropriate usage, and any such usage may cause your warranty to be voided.