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  • I-7018Z-G/S CR
  • I-7018Z-G/S CR
  • I-7018Z-G/S CR
  • I-7018Z-G/S CR
  • I-7018Z-G/S CR
  • I-7018Z-G/S CR
  • I-7018Z-G/S CR

I-7018Z-G/S CR

I/O Module/DCON/10AI/TC+Type L-M/DB-1820

  • RS-485 Schnittstelle
  • DCON Protokoll
  • 10-Kanal Thermoelementeingang
  • 16 Bit Auflösung
  • Leitungsbrucherkennung (Thermoelement)
  • Jeder Kanal individuell einstellbar
  • ±240 Vrms Überspannungsschutz
  • Dual-Watchdog
  • Montierbar auf DIN-Schiene
ab Lager

The I-7018Z/M-7018Z is a 10-channel universal Analog Input module with an RS-485 interface that is especially designed for extremely accurate thermocouple measurement and features automatic cold-junction compensation for each channel to ensure temperature output consistency and stable temperature output in the field. The innovative design of the enhanced model ensures that thermocouple measurement is more accurate than with the earlier design. Besides the thermocouple inputs, the I-7018Z/M-7018Z also supports voltage and current input. The voltage input range can be from +/-15 mV to +/-2.5 V. Up to 10 different types of Analog Input can be connected to a single module. Overvoltage protection of up to 240 Vrms is provided. The module also features per-channel open wire detection for the thermocouple and +4 ~ +20 mA input channels. The M-7018Z provides additional support for both the Modbus RTU and DCON protocols, which can be configured via software, and all hardware specifications are the same as the I-7018Z.