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  • IR-712-MTCP CR
  • IR-712-MTCP CR
  • IR-712-MTCP CR

IR-712-MTCP CR Neu

IR Module/2 IR Output/RS-232/485/Modbus/TCP
  • 2 IR output channels for controlling multiple devices
  • 1 IR learning input
  • IR command storage: 512
  • Supports IR carrier frequencies: 33、36、37、38、40 and 56 kHz.
  • Supports Ethernet interface.
  • Supports Modbus TCP/UDP protocol.
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2-3 Wochen

IR-712-MTCP is a universal IR learning remote module which can learn IR remote commands of diverse electronic devices. The learning commands can be stored in the module or saved to a file. IR-712-MTCP supplies 2 IR output channels for individual or simultaneous control on multiple devices. The accompanied Ethernet interface with Modbus TCP/UDP protocol provides flexible expansion and control on the modules. Besides, the IR utility provides easy configuration, learning, test and storage of IR commands. As a replacement of IR remote controls and a module that can be easily integrated with Modbus client devices (e.g. PAC, PLC, PC… etc.), IR-712-MTCP is well-suited for smart home and building automation.