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  • IPPC-4701-WES7 CR
  • IPPC-4701-WES7 CR
  • IPPC-4701-WES7 CR
  • IPPC-4701-WES7 CR


10.4" Panel PC/Atom E3827/WES7
  • LCD Size: 10.4" with Touch Panel
  • E3827 (1.75 GHz) CPU
  • WES7 (Windows Embedded Standard 7)
  • Support eLogger HMI (free)
  • NEMA 4/IP65 Compliant Front Panel
  • Ultra-Rugged Construction and Reliable Design
  • Operating Temperature:-10 °C ~ +60 °C
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2-3 Wochen

The iPPC-4701-WES7 is a WES7 based Panel PC, and it provides a perfect solution for integrating HMI, data acquisition and control in an individual PAC. It is equipped with an Intel Atom E3827 CPU, TFT LCD and a variety of connectives including dual Gigabit Ethernet, USB port, RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interface. The operating system is pre-installed in the built-in mSATA SSD, and the storage can be expanded via a Compact Flash slot. The remote I/O expansion is available for connecting to our Ethernet I/O modules or RS-485 I/O modules. The iPPC-4701-WES7 is designed for panel mount installation, the front panel is NEMA 4/IP65 rated and can withstand sprayed water, humidity and extreme dust. It is also designed to operate over a wide -10°C to 60°C ambient temperature range, the fanless design offers the ultimate in reliability with no moving parts.

Since WES7 has the same Win32 API as Windows 7, most popular applications on desktop can run on WES7 based Panel PC.