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  • PEX-CAN200i-D CR
  • PEX-CAN200i-D CR
  • PEX-CAN200i-D CR
  • PEX-CAN200i-D CR


PCI Board/Express/CAN/2 ports/D-sub

  • PCle-CANbus Schnittstellenkarte
  • 2 unabhängige CANbus Kanäle
  • Unterstützt CANbus Standard Spezifikationen 2.0A und 2.0B
  • X1 PCI Express Bus
  • Programmierbare Übertragungsrate bis 1 Mbps
  • CAN-Transceiver 82C250
  • CAN-Controller SJA1000T
2-3 Wochen

PEX-CAN200i can represents an economic solution of an active CAN board with express PCI bus. It has 2 independent CAN bus communication ports with 5-pin screw terminal connector or 9-pin D-sub connector, and has the ability to cover a wide range of CAN applications. Besides, PEX-CAN200i uses the new CAN controller Phillips SJA1000T and transceiver 82C250, which provide bus arbitration, error detection with auto correction and re-transmission function.