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  • PEX-P16POR16i CR
  • PEX-P16POR16i CR
  • PEX-P16POR16i CR
  • PEX-P16POR16i CR


PCI Board/Express/Digital/16DI/16RO/PhotoMos

  • Selectable DC signal input filter
  • AC signal input with filter
  • LED power indicator
  • Long life and high reliability PhotoMOS Relay
  • Low leakage current when PhotoMOS Relay is OFF
  • No contact bounce, no sparking
  • No acoustical noise
  • High speed DIO operation
  • Supports Plug & Play to obtain I/O resources
  • No more manually setting of I/O address and IRQ
  • Support the +3.3/+5 V PCI bus
  • 16 PhotoMOS Relay output channels
  • 16 Optically-isolated Digital Input channels
  • 5000 Vrms photo-isolation protection
  • Supports Card ID (SMD Switch)
  • Supports DO status Readback (Register Level)
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The PEX-P8POR8i/PEX-P16POR16i is a PCI Express card with programmable digital I/O interface. It provides 8/16 photocouple digital inputs with 2000 VDC isolation protection, allows the input signals to be completely floated to prevent the ground loops. It is also equipped with 8/16 PhotoMos relay outputs for controlling ON/OFF of external devices, driving external relays or small power switches, and activating alarms... etc.

The PEX-P8POR8i/PEX-P16POR16i is designed as easy replacement for the PCI-P8POR8/P16POR16, and users can replace the PCIP8POR8/P16POR16 with the PEX-P8POR8i/PEX-P16POR16i directly without any software/driver modification.