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  • I-8431-MTCP-G CR

I-8431-MTCP-G CR

Controller/Intel 80188/MTCP/4slotS/512KB

  • Supports Modbus/TCP communication protocol to access I/Os that plugged in slots.
  • Supports VxComm technique for every COM port of controllers.
  • Supports 8K and 87K DI/DO/AI/AO modules. Please refer detail list in Modbus Utility on-line help.
  • Automatically scan I/O modules. You can plug I/O modules in any slot. Don't mind the slot order, it doesn mater
  • Allowed a maximum of 8 host PCs access simultaneously. In fact, it can allow 16 host PCs access simultaneously. But for getting better stability, we recommend you don't use more than 8 host PCs to access a Modbus/TCP controller.
  • Firmware updateable
2-3 Wochen

I-8KE4-MTCP, I-8KE8-MTCP, I-8431-80-MTCP and I-8831-80-MTCP are remote I/O expansion units to expand I-8K and I-87K I/O modules over the Ethernet for industrial monitoring and controlling applications. And it also has one or several built-in RS-232/485 ports to support Modbus RTU to link a HMI.

The units are designed to be used in harsh and noisy environment, so the hardware is manufactured with wide power input range (10 ~ 30 VDC), isolated power input and can operate under wide temperature (-25 ~ +75 °C). To simplify installation and maintenance of I/O modules, they provide many useful features, such as: auto confi guration, LED indicators for fault detection, dual watchdog to keep alive, programmable power-on and safe values for safety.

here are more than 30 I/O modules support with the units, including analog input/output, digital input/output, counter input, frequency input modules. Most SCADA software supports Modbus protocol, thus users can easily and quickly integrate the units to the SCADA software. Further more, we also provide nModbus.dll on Windows XP/Vista/7 and CE5/6 to VS.NET programmers.