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  • I-7188XB-512 CR
  • I-7188XB-512 CR

I-7188XB-512 CR

Controller/No Eth./MiniOS7/C Language/1DI/1DO

  • 80188-40 Embedded CPU
  • OS: MiniOS7
  • 512K SRAM, 512K Flash
  • Built-in RTC, 31B NVRAM, 2048B EEPROM
  • 2 COM Ports: RS-232, RS-485
  • Pins vom User definierbar: 14 Pins via X-board
  • LED für Power / Kommunikationsanzeige
  • LED Display
  • 1 DI & 1 DO Kanäle
2-3 Wochen

The I-7188XB(D) is for industry applications and can be used to replace PC or PLC devices in harsh environments. The I-7188XB controller is designed for palm-size embedded systems that require high reliability, PC-compatibility, and compactness at a reasonable price. 

The controllers can be integrated into an OEM product as a processor core component. By building your product around I-7188XB controller, you reduce the time from design to market introduction, cut development costs, minimize technical risks, and deliver a more reliable product.

Depending on the type of embedded firmware programs that are being developed, and which I/O Expansion Board, the I-7188XB(D) can be used as a single versatile controller.